Let’s face it, it’s not usual for most of us to be spending this much time at home. If, like me, you spend your cuppa-moments focussing on the next job that needs doing (in my case, usually slipping housework standards that are bugging me), you may be compiling a list of things that need addressing once lock-down is over.

However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until shops re-open and tradesmen are allowed to restart trading. Here are a couple of little home spruce-ups that can give your house (and mood) a lift during these trying times.

Implement a layout change

We have recently transitioned from Winter into Spring – and hasn’t the sunshine been a welcome visitor into our little worlds? We usually want our homes to feel warm and cosy during the colder seasons, to help make up for the gloom outdoors. But with the appearance of spring, and with it, the promise of summer, I find a fresher look can be more suitable.

A couple of weeks ago I rearranged the furniture in the family room. During the winter, the sofa faces the television, dividing the large space into a cosier, more intimate area, and boxing in the children’s play area. Now that we are spending more time in the garden, I have altered the perspective of the room. Turning the sofa 90 degrees allows it to face into the garden – which is looking much more lovely than it does in the winter. This creates a much larger space in front of the large glass doors, which are now being used for access again, and turns the focus away from the television which is not being used as much. This works for us because the television is wall-mounted on a moveable arm, allowing it to be angled towards the sofa if we want to watch it.

Family room with with sofa facing T.V.

Family room with sofa facing outdoors

Rearrange wall-mounted pictures

A really easy way to give the home a fresh feel is to rearrange pictures that are hanging on the wall.

My parents do this almost every year! They go through each room in the house, take down most of the pictures, and spend a merry day (or two) relocating them. Swapping which pictures group together, or which room they will be put into. Depending on the type of artwork you favour, this could easily change the mood or colour scheme of a room.

Alternatively, if photo’s is more your thing – spend some time updating the photos you have around the house. Sure we all have our old favourites, but it’s nice to swap out some of the older snaps with some more recent memories.

Give your bookshelves a face-lift

Anyone who follows Instagram will be aware of the #shelfie movement. Bookshelves in our homes are not just a functional piece of furniture but a great opportunity to showcase photos, favourite ornaments or bring some plant life into the home. Mixing up the layout on a shelving unit can give your room a new look without costing a penny.


Change your room accessories

Another very easy update is to swap your soft accessories. Again, choosing darker, cosier colours for the colder months (reds, plums and purples are great winter colours) and swapping them for the brighter, more vibrant colours of the summer (orange, yellow, turquoise, green). This is really easy to do if you have decorated in a simple white or grey colour scheme. If you have more fixed wall colourings, you can still make alterations providing you chose colours that complement your scheme.


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